Orgonite pyramids and pendants for meditation and purification of space from negative energy.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite helps filter and balance energy fields in the environment and can help strengthen your energy field by transforming low frequency energy into higher frequency energy that is more beneficial to all life forms, including us, pets and plants.

Big powerful Orgonite Pyramid with Kyanite

How does Orgonite work?

Orgonite was intensively studied by the scientist and psychiatrist Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who noted and confirmed the beneficial properties of the substance. He found that organic matter attracts and holds orgone energy, while inorganic matter both attracts and repels it. The term “orgonite” was coined by Dr. Reich to describe an object composed of quartz crystals, various stones and minerals, metals and resins that works in harmony to purify and balance this energy.

Like qi, chi, or prana, Orgone Energy itself is life force energy. In the orgonite pyramid, this energy is captured in a physical state (through resin, crystals, metals, etc.) so that it can be harnessed and used. Simply put, the orgonite pyramid works like a natural filter, trapping negatively charged particles from the environment. Given that they are a perfect mixture of organic and inorganic materials, orgonite works to draw in and purify energy, releasing balanced, refined long waves into everything around it. The electromagnetic friction present inside orgonite retunes the energy it absorbs to a harmonic frequency.

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