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A collection of powerful devices for meditation and purification from negative energy

Orgone Energy is the universal life energy from which all nature, pervasive and omnipresent, is created.​

Our orgonite pyramid are made of high quality natural materials. In addition, we use exclusively natural minerals and quartz crystals. All work is done manually. Each pyramid is individual – it is impossible to repeat the work exactly. Because in nature there are no two identical crystals in shape, size, and structure. We can perform work on the order. At the request of the customer, certain stones and minerals can be used.

Crystal Amethyst, Jasper, Jade, Rose quartz
Orgonite Pyramid
Orgonite pyramid

Inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich, in the creation of Orgone, we bring together the efficiency, the beauty, the uniqueness.

We have been working since 2014 and have accumulated a huge amount of experience in the creation of our generators.
Orgonite pyramid is a device, which consists of epoxy resin, metals of different density, unpolished quartz crystal and minerals. They all combine in certain proportions 50/50, which create fields at the specific frequencies. Orgone have a powerful energy. With orgone devices. Support and reinforce the personal qualities and abilities received at birth. Orgonite protects against negative events that have physical and energetic nature. Helps to overcome. Orgone energopitanija increases the bioenergetic potential of the body, strengthens the power of the spirit, promotes intellectual activity.

Our orgonite pyramids are created with love in a good mood and pure thoughts.

The accumulated orgon energy pyramid gradually fills the space in which it is located. First of all, it has a beneficial effect on all living things in the area of the pyramid. In this space, the situation is enlightened and becomes harmonious, restores psycho-emotional balance. Orgone converts the negative energy supply of radiation emitted from an electrical wiring. First of all, home electronic devices, high-frequency radiation of cellular antennas, wireless routers, cell phones, etc. The Orgone energy creates an energy field that protects against negative energy-information effects. In addition, with regard to human origin (damage, the evil eye, energy attacks) and geophysical influences (God forgotten place, geopathogenic zones, poltergeist, etc.),

The orgonite pyramid has a positive effect on human performance and health. Its accumulated vital energy (orgone) restores the biofield of people, animals and plants. Another of the positive properties of the pyramid is the charge of vital energy. The positive energy of the orgons, the pyramid, not only eliminates the negative information, food and water, but also significantly changes their taste. You can see it, enough to keep it for some time. In the area of the pyramid, it enhances intuition and activates the creative process. The working atmosphere can become more efficient and energetic, interpersonal relationships between people are smoothed out and become calm.


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