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We create orgonites since 2014. For many years, a lot of experience was accumulated in the creation of generators of vital energy. We have substantially improved both the composition of the orgonite and the technology of its manufacture. In our workshop, new types of generators and various protective devices based on orgonic material were developed. Orgone devices transform any kind of negative, dead energy into a positively organized energy that animates the surrounding space. We are engaged in the development and implementation of new types of bioenergetic devices and the improvement of orgone generators. All products we manufacture exclusively by hand, some of them are created in single copies. Reviews about our devices can be read on the tabs on social networks and on the Etsy website. If you had any questions, write to us in the chat or mail, we will gladly answer. We can make orgonite for ordering according to your parameters. Tell us which stones and minerals you want to see in your Orgone generator, size, color. We will realize your desire. Enjoy your shopping.



If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat and fill out the form on the right. We will respond with pleasure!

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