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Orgone pendant with Kyanite

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The suspension is fixed on a cord
Size adjustable (45-65 cm) 17-25.5 inch
Size pendant : (6×3 cm) 2.35-1.2 inch

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Orgone pendant with Kyanite

Will attract vital energy and direct it to achieve the goals of the owner. You will be able to concentrate on what you want without being sprayed on trifles. Pendant with Kyanite gifts prudence, prudence, balanced decisions, honesty. He will fully reward a responsible owner with all these qualities. If you think you are too gullible, then an orgonite pendant will help get rid of this trait.

Politicians, doctors, lawyers, travelers, thanks to the magical properties of the pendant with Kyanite, will be able to achieve success in the professional field. They will become more charming, more responsible and confident in their abilities. Orgone pendant  does not attract negative energy, that is, it does not need to be cleaned.On the contrary, regular meditation with him heals the aura of the person himself. The delicate effect of the Pendant with Kyanite allows you to wear it constantly, recharged with life energy from a magical talisman.

Orgone pendant with Kyanite

Helps to control emotions, releases from anger, awakens the ability to love in people. As a family amulet, the Orgone pendant with Kyanite extinguishes conflict situations, relieves unreasonable jealousy and helps to find a common language with a partner. Orgone pendant with Kyanite is used in spiritual practices related to meditation, clairvoyance and self-knowledge. It helps to reveal the rich inner world of a person, overcome inner demons and find peace.

The Effect Of Orgonite pendant:

Enhances the power
Increases the body’s resistance
Leads to the balance of the energy meridians of the body
Normalizes sleep
Restores aura
Normalizes mental and emotional state (avoids hysteria and nervous disorders)
Neutralize negative effects from geopathic and technopathogenic radiation (EMR, smog, radiation)
Helps get rid of negative subconscious programs and patterns of behavior
Protects against energy vampirism
Enhances creativity

With it, You will be able to:

To work with the wishes and intentions
Harmonize your personal space
Remove the negative information water and food.
Put protection from energoreparatii (energy vampires, astral entities)
Unleash the creative potential
To increase the effect from any Energobaltic (yoga, Reiki, hypnosis, etc)
To influence the events

I always make orgonite pendant when I am in full health, a positive mood and clear-headed. The energies that I put into each piece have to be pure and clean for optimum results. I will not attempt to make any orgone when I am tired or stressed. All of my pieces are made in nature for the best energies. Every care is taken to ensure that the surroundings are positive and conducive to a powerfully effective orgone piece. Lots of positive intent and love are put into my orgone pieces and I try my best to make them as professional and beautiful as possible.


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