Orgonite Pendant – Orgone Amulet – Crystal quartz, Blue Agate


The suspension is fixed on a cord
Pendant Size 1.9 inches by 1.3 inches
Size cord adjustable (17,5-25,5 inches)

Crystal quartz

World Of Orgonite - Crystal Quartz

Increases the energy level to the highest possible level. Quartz fosters balance in all aspects of your life and create calmness and healing. When you are balanced, more life force can flow through you to touch every aspect of your being. This increased flow fosters even greater balance, which in turn attracts more life force. Because Quartz’s nature is to promote balance, it brings your entire being into balance. Quartz brings balance to your body’s physical processes, including those involved in the functioning of your endocrine, organ, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and other systems. Inspires and enriches spiritually. Quartz is usually used to eliminate negativity and eliminate negative energy.

Blue Agate

Blue Agate – Believe that he gives calmness, promotes longevity, develops a delicacy of feeling, attracts success. Agatha was attributed to the property of the owner, to his eloquent, insightful, even clairvoyant. As a talisman agate helps the owner to open a fraud, identify enemies, warn of impending trouble.

Blue agate and zodiac signs
This stone fits many signs of the zodiac.

Aries is a stubborn, wayward sign that rebels, proves his rightness. The gem of blue color will suppress their temper, will make them softer, more romantic. Women will feel welcome, beautiful, they will be able to find their soul mate.

Taurus – agate will become a stimulus for calmness, balance. Women will emphasize their beauty. Become externally beautiful, internally spiritual.

Gemini agate beneficially affects all spheres of life. Strengthens health, improves personal relationships, promotes success in work. The Gemini women open their internal reserves.

Cancers will give vivacity and inspiration. They will feel a surge of strength, a spiritual rebirth. Refuse bad thoughts, depressive states. Sexual relations will be established.

The lion is a strong sign. Agate will help you become more sensible and wiser. The stone will restore the wasted energy.

Virgo is lucky in love. They will find a way where they will meet the other half. They will find the strength to leave everything bad in the past and move forward.

Scales will strengthen their health. The vitality will rise, there will be energy, a desire to roll mountains.

Scorpio mineral will help to build a personal life. Will make them more restrained, peace-loving. Will help avoid conflicts with your soul mate.

Streltsov protects from the negative, awakens in them sublime feelings, affects the creative potential. Women will be helped to restore the internal balance.

Capricorn agate positively affects all areas of their life. There are established love relations, health improves, creative ideas appear, career growth begins. The women of this sign have all the positive aspects of character.

Aquarians simply need agate. He brings to their lives positive emotions, peace, peace and harmony. Aquarius cope with all life’s difficulties, easily go to the intended goal.

Pisces agate will bring good luck in love, help to cope with love troubles. Girls will gain confidence in themselves.

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Orgonite Pendant – Orgone Amulet – Crystal quartz, Blue Agate


Orgonite pendant is a bioenergetic protective device. It effectively converts negative energy, creates an energy shield around the body and protects against malevolent people. Work on eliminating negative behavior patterns and subconscious programs.
Orgonite amulet can be used to influence events, amplification of thoughts and mental work. With it, You will be able to clean not only themselves but also the surrounding space.

The Effect Of Orgonite pendant:

Enhances the power
Increases the body’s resistance
Leads to the balance of the energy meridians of the body
Normalizes sleep
Restores aura
Normalizes mental and emotional state (avoids hysteria and nervous disorders)
Neutralize negative effects from geopathic and technopathogenic radiation (EMR, smog, radiation)
Helps get rid of negative subconscious programs and patterns of behavior
Protects against energy vampirism
Enhances creativity

With it, You will be able to:

To work with the wishes and intentions
Harmonize your personal space
Remove the negative information water and food.
Put protection from energoreparatii (energy vampires, astral entities)
Unleash the creative potential
To increase the effect from any Energobaltic (yoga, Reiki, hypnosis, etc)
To influence the events

I always make orgonite pendant when I am in full health, a positive mood and clear-headed. The energies that I put into each piece have to be pure and clean for optimum results. I will not attempt to make any orgone when I am tired or stressed. All of my pieces are made in nature for the best energies. Every care is taken to ensure that the surroundings are positive and conducive to a powerfully effective orgone piece. Lots of positive intent and love are put into my orgone pieces and I try my best to make them as professional and beautiful as possible.

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