Orgonite pendant with black tourmaline

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Orgonite pendant with black tourmaline

Orgonite pendant with Black Tourmaline reflects negative emotions well (jealousy, anger, rage), with its help they remove negative energies from the physical body and improve a person’s aura. Pendant with Black Tourmaline has strong energy, its main property is protection, order, solidity. Tourmaline was created by nature to protect humans.

The orgonite pendant with Black Tourmaline creates a protective aura around itself within a radius of two meters, reflecting all harmful physical, psychological, mental and energetic influences. Pendant with black tourmaline, due to its special magical properties, is able to protect from the evil eye and reveal deception. The orgonite pendant will protect you from damage and evil entities thanks to its strong energy. It is believed that he can reflect negativity towards the person who sent him. Pendant with Black Tourmaline does not absorb negative energy, but deflects it. Therefore, the black tourmaline stone is used today as a protective talisman, and it is quite possible to wear it for a long time.

The tourmaline pendant also brings the physical body back into consciousness very quickly. It acts very deeply and thoroughly, therefore it can be used to restore normal consciousness after healing or spiritual practices.
The Orgonite pendant with black tourmaline purifies and transforms dense energies. It grounds spiritual energy, cleanses and balances all chakras, and forms a protective layer around the body. Tourmaline has a strong connection with divine energies. One of the main tasks of tourmaline is to be a conductor of the highest virtues and laws of the universe on Earth.

Tourmaline provides a connection between “higher” and “lower” and harmonizes cosmic and material energies. It symbolizes inner and outer harmony and helps to find inner balance. Perfectly protects against mental influences and negative energies of various types. The energy of the mineral contributes to the preservation of wealth in the house, especially if the wealth is expressed in real estate, works of art and jewelry. All this stems from the properties of the biofield of this stone to embrace and support everything that is in “his” jurisdiction. Tourmaline, as it were, “preserves” everything that is on its territory, so the beloved owners of this stone remain young for a long time. The Orgonite pendant with Tourmaline helps its owner to awaken the creative forces, nourishes him with cosmic energy.

The suspension is fixed on a cord
Size adjustable (45-65 cm) 17-25.5 inch
Size pendant : (6×3 cm) 2.35-1.2 inch

1 review for Orgonite pendant with black tourmaline

  1. Monica

    This pendant is a beautiful work of art, loaded with a lot of positive energy, love it

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