Orgonite pendant With Elite Shungite

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Orgonite pendant With Elite Shungite

Orgonite pendant with elite shungite powder and quartz will help get rid of fears and find inner harmony. In addition, to enhance the orgone energy, a copper spiral is added inside the pendant. The positive energy of the pendant can be independently “programmed” by the owner, depending on his needs. Orgonite pendant with elite shungite can bring good luck, health and happiness.

Also, a pendant with Shungite and Crystal quartz will protect you from the effects of electromagnetic radiation !!! Contributes to the success of commercial projects, and also becomes an additional source of productive energy for its owner. This pendant will become an indispensable aid in meditation. The orgonite pendant promotes rapid relaxation and cleansing of the mind. Even for newbies who have recently started training, this pendant will help you achieve significant results with minimal effort.


What does the quartz crystal give in this orgonite pendant?


World Of Orgonite - Crystal Quartz

Quartz Crystals are the best conductor for a person striving for development. Transparent quartz crystals emit a healing white light. It is this kind of light that is the channel of super-frequency energies that contribute to the opening of the subconscious and spiritual development. This radiation is organically combined with the elements of our earthly plane, helps a person to resonate with cosmic consciousness and perceive information from the higher spheres.
Quartz Crystals are powerful energy correctors that are widely used by specialists in healing and spiritual practices, as well as in high-level meditation practices.

Orgonite pendant with Elite Shungite. Magical properties or pure science?

Shungite stone, the magical properties of which have been known to man since ancient times, is often used to this day for the manufacture of various amulets. There is an opinion that the older the stone from which the amulet or talisman is made, the stronger the charge of energy that it carries in itself. This means that its effectiveness will be very high. Shungite stone is the best suited for these purposes. The magical properties of this mineral have long been beyond doubt, and the rock itself is one of the most ancient that can be found on our planet. The stone is over one billion years old. Moreover, the energy of shungite is clean, not “polluted” by human vices

Shungite stone can have a wide variety of shapes and purposes. Body amulets have gained the greatest popularity – they protect the human biofield, protect him from the evil eye, life’s troubles and troubles. Moreover, even if we do not take into account myths and beliefs, the magical properties of shungite can be scientifically explained. In our age of high technologies, all, without exception, people are exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation. It comes from computers, cell phones, televisions, and so on. Shungite stone, the magical properties of which were used by many healers for their own purposes, absorbs this radiation, thereby protecting the human body from its harmful effects.


What will the Orgonite pendant with Shungite and Crystal quartz bring you?

It depends solely on your desires, because you yourself “program” your pendant.

The suspension is fixed on a cord
Size adjustable (45-65 cm) 17-25.5 inch
Size pendant : (5×3.5 cm) 2-1.45 inch


2 reviews for Orgonite pendant With Elite Shungite

  1. Megan T.

    When the package arrived i could already feel this intense energy, it was so weird. When i took it out and put it on, i could feel how this energy connected with my own and it is epic, never expected this. Real magic at work here, thank you so much i love it. I highly recommend this one! Thanks, Valeria.

  2. Julien

    Beautiful and very happy with my pendant!

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