Orgonite pyramid for purification of consciousness

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Orgonite pyramid for purification of consciousness

The amethyst in the orgonite pyramid reduces anxiety and pain, and helps control and soothes evil thoughts. Helps to establish calm and complete relaxation during meditation. Makes a person more peaceful and increases the depth of understanding. Has sedative properties, reduces fear and anger. If you have problems with insomnia, I recommend putting a pyramid of orgonite to clear your mind near the pillow, so that you have pleasant dreams.

Tiger’s eye in this orgonite pyramid

The tiger’s eye in this orgonite pyramid stabilizes emotions, cleanses the body in all its areas and motivates action. Promotes intuition in a person, increases self-esteem and helps to overcome shyness. He allows you to learn and open your mind to expand your knowledge. Tiger’s Eye protects and enhances divine illumination. Helps relieve mental burdens and resolve inner dilemmas and conflicts. Makes us more dynamic and receptive to innovation, removes our fear of the unknown.

Orgonite pyramid for purification of consciousness with Snow obsidian.

Snowy obsidian establishes a connection between the human body and the earth. It was believed to be capable of destroying the energy blocks of its owner. Snowy obsidian protects a person from negative events, and also makes him prudent, pedantic and careful. In addition, it helps to accumulate and replenish energy reserves and channel it in a useful direction. Obsidian is considered an effective talisman that protects from dubious events and unhappy relationships. Will fill its owner with courage and self-confidence.

Orgonite pyramid for purification of consciousness with a bull eye

Among psychics and soothsayers, there is an opinion that the bull eye is able to penetrate into the unknown depths of the human subconscious and activate supernatural abilities. The bull eye in the orgonite pyramid strengthens its own intuition and awakens dormant talents. He will also protect against dark magic, ill-wishers and warn of danger. Pours energy into a person, making him vigorous, energetic, enterprising and tireless.

Leopard Jasper in Orgonite

Leopard jasper is able to restore mental balance in the owner, remove signs of anxiety, remove nervous tension in the event of severe mental upheavals. Also, leopard jasper is credited with the ability to endow the owner with the power inherent only in leopards. Orgonite pyramid for purification of consciousness with leopard jasper is perfect for those people who are looking for constancy, stability in life, and people who have noble aspirations, not deprived of spiritual beauty. If you have high and noble goals in life, this orgonite will definitely help you achieve them.

Size : (12 cm – 12 cm –9 cm) 4,7″ – 4,7″ – 3,5″


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