Orgonite Pyramid For Replenish Vital Energy

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Stones and minerals in the orgonite pyramid:

  • Quartz crystal
  • Jasper patterned
  • Gray agate
  • Heliotrope
  • Brecciated Jasper
  • Pink agate
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Apricot agate
  • Tree Agate

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Orgonite Pyramid For Replenish Vital Energy

Agates included in orgonite have a strong energy field that can influence the fate of the owner, changing it for the better. Agates allow you to create channels of orgone energy to attract and increase wealth. This orgonite is able to absorb negative energy, directing it into itself and protecting the wearer from the evil eye and unfavorable energy fields from the outside. It will also help to cope with negative emotions after a working day, to bring happiness into life. Agates are able to clear the aura, make the wearer calm and resistant to stress and depression.

Heliotrope in Orgonite Pyramid For Replenish Vital Energy

Heliotrope included in this orgonite promotes rapid career growth. The stone can help in any business. It can be not only a professional activity, but also a hobby. Heliotrope will begin to fill with energy, make you move forward, make discoveries, meet new people. The owner of the heliotrope, if desired, will reach any peaks. Heliotrope is an amulet of successful people and winners. But at the same time, they do not become arrogant, arrogant and proud, even with a high status. On the contrary, it awakens altruism and self-sacrifice.

Jasper in Orgonite Pyramid For Replenish Vital Energy

Jasper is considered a stone of strength and vitality. Jasper included in the organoint perfectly cleanses the living space from negative influences, brings harmony and prosperity to your home. Jasper also promotes health and healing, recovery from illness.

Tiger’s eye in Orgonite Pyramid For Replenish Vital Energy

The tiger’s eye in this pyramid of orgonite stabilizes emotions, cleanses the body in all its areas and encourages action. Develops intuition in a person, increases self-esteem and helps to overcome shyness. It allows you to learn and open your mind to expand your knowledge. The tiger’s eye protects and enhances the divine radiance. Helps ease mental stress and resolve internal dilemmas and conflicts. Makes us more dynamic and receptive to innovation, relieves the fear of the unknown.

Size : (15 cm/15 cm/12 cm) 6 inches*6 inches*4,7 inches


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