Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet
Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet
Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet
Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet

Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet

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Pendant With Leopard Jasper, orgonite amulet

Pendant with leopard jasper will bring peace and prosperity to its owner. It will protect him from ill-wishers, help him achieve wealth in an honest way. This is the talisman of travelers and scientists, as well as people who prefer peaceful work. This stone cleanses and aligns the energy of a person.

The esoteric properties of leopard jasper are the ability to restore peace of mind in the owner of the talisman, remove signs of anxiety, and remove nervous tension in case of severe mental shocks. Also, leopard jasper is credited with the ability to endow the owner with the power inherent only in leopards.

Leopard jasper is also considered a talisman for lovers. He will strengthen the relationship between them, become a talisman of family happiness. A pendant with leopard jasper can also be given as a gift to a good friend as a sign that the owners of leopard jasper will be able to build even and calm relations with others, devoid of quarrels and strife.

The leopard variety of jasper also has a property inherent in ordinary jasper – in difficult times, it adds self-confidence to its owner, helps to wisely solve all problems. The owner of a pendant with leopard jasper is protected from envious and unkind people. Not without reason, in ancient times, the floors of this stone were even lined in temples so that the road to it was closed to unwanted guests. This is a stone that scares away evil, but attracts good luck and prosperity.

Also, the stone is perfect for those people who are looking for constancy, stability in life, and people who have noble aspirations, not deprived of spiritual beauty. If you have lofty and noble goals in life, a leopard jasper amulet will definitely help you achieve them.

If we talk about the properties of leopard jasper in the horoscope, then it will suit any sign of the zodiac, but it especially favors Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpions and Leo. For other signs, such a variety of leopard jasper as obsidian is better suited, it can act as an excellent effective talisman for them, gain success in all endeavors.

Pendant with wax cord, length is adjustable independently.
Size orgonite pendant : (6.5×4cm)


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